Spiritual & Emotional Coach, Heart Healing Catalyst



Perfectly Imperfect, Fabulously Flawed

After 23 years of teaching middle school Spanish, Debbie had a nervous breakTHROUGH and left EVERYTHING behind:

  • her teaching career and 6 figure salary & benefits

  • her beautiful, brand new home

  • her husband of 20 years

  • and most recently, her home state of NY​

She realized that shielding herself from continued pain and loss with a concrete block around her heart did nothing except have her living a materially full, emotionally void, and comfortably numb life.

So she took bold, courageous steps to break out of her self-imposed prison of numbness, of simply existing.

With the powerful support of her own mentor, she packed up her life experience, her compassion, and her deep faith, opened and closed a yoga studio, and finally stepped into the deep, transformational service of private coaching in which she and her clients are thriving, are healing deeply - both themselves and all those around them. 

Read her full story in the Blog section for deeper insight and inspiration.


Coach Debbie: I especially want to acknowledge, celebrate and thank you for the way you showed up in your leadership of us on our Elite call after the pandemic first started. You showed up in this beautiful, peace-filled, calm and loving energy. Like a powerful divine mother, and it really touched me at the time. It's stuck with me, and I felt moved to express how much it meant to me and helped me return to a feeling of being safe and loved, in the midst of such a 'shocking' time early on.

Kara G. - Canada

Coach Debbie Young - Thank you so much for your coaching about this. I
will AW the grief. I also love the dot connection to my BTT.
PS I was thinking- "I miss Debbie,"
' yesterday and now here you are. Lots
of love to you.

Lisa B. - Ohio, USA

Thank you so much for your kind response Coach Debbie! I deeply

appreciate your personal shares, including the notion of Privilege of

Agency... which was the ding-ding I so needed to hear. I get to choose if I

want to create a business plan or not and if I do want to create one, the

timing is up to me too!

Carole G. - Canada