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~ A 1 Month's Vacation in an Hour ~



  • Get ready to release all stress and tension, to be completely relaxed and pampered, and to receive deeply. 

  • Schedule 2 hours for your FIRST appointment (aside from travel time), as I will: 

    • share the process

    • listen deeply to any health concerns, and 

    • answer any questions before we begin your 1-hour session on the table.


You will remove your jewelry, shoes and socks, and clothing from the waist up before getting under the sheet and blanket face up on the massage table.

  • I will attend to your comfort by placing a bolster under your knees, a pillow under your head, and an eye pillow over your eyes to deepen relaxation, if desired. ​

  • I will begin by balancing your structural (bones) and electrical (nervous system) systems by performing Vitaflex (=Vitality through the Reflexes) on your feet (similar to Reflexology) with 9 different essential oils. 

  • Then you will turn face down and I will apply the same 9 oils along the spine and back using the various Raindrop strokes and techniques. 

  • Your session will end with a warm compress placed along the spine to both deepen and amplify the effects of the technique and oils for a more profound experience. 

  • You will leave feeling completely relaxed and at peace. 

  • It’s a truly blissful experience!

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