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Powerful INNER and OUTER Tools for Deep Transformation

You are L😍VED BEYOND Measure


Are You...?

  • An 11 - 55 year old woman

  • A deep thinker and feeler

  • Highly Sensitive

  • Highly intuitive

  • Deeply spiritual

Are You Tired of Struggling With...?

  • Anxiety

  • Overwhelm

  • Perfectionism

Are You Ready to Feel...?

  • Calm

  • Clear

  • Grounded

  • Confident

  • Like you matter

If you answered YES! to any of the above, then you're in the right place!

Allow me to GIFT you a 1-hour Coaching Exploration Experience...


I empower Highly Sensitive 11 - 55 year old women and teens who struggle with Overwhelm, Anxiety, Perfectionism and feeling Voiceless and Invisible to feel calm and grounded in their bodies, to create strong boundaries and to find and use their voices to create the life their souls LONG to live. 

I am here to to show you your own inherent beauty, strength, worth and value. Since I have found it in myself, I can help you to find and feel yours. To dig deep, to go into the darkness with support and love, to bring up those dusty, dirty, hidden parts of yourself that need to be dusted off and polished, to be seen and felt and healed and LOVED!


  • Private Coaching - in person, by phone or online

  • Monthly Conscious Community Connection Call - onlineMonthly Group Guided Meditation - online

  • Powerful, Transformative Pen-to-Paper Tools

  • Gentle Accountability


  • Private Bodywork, if in person (or Private Yoga or Meditation if online)

  • VIP Day




JEANMARIE DeCHIARO, Long Island, NY & Jensen Beach, Florida, USA

Wow, Where do I begin? I am filled with so much gratitude. I have been coaching with Debbie for 3.5 years and what a transformational journey it has been. Debbie has shown me how to lay a STRONG Foundation for my emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. 

During these 3.5 years, I have experienced a lot of loss, tragedy, career change, and even moved out of state...... (That's Life, Am I right?!) And that’s in addition to all the struggles and conditioning from childhood. 

As a result of going through Debbie’s Soul Garden yearly program for 3 years in a row, I was able to go within, to listen to my heart and start to live and embrace life for what it really is. I was able to become VULNERABLE (you know, that's now MY SUPERPOWER), to become authentically me and accept me for me. 

I was also able to mend and create stronger, closer family relationships, and to rid myself of toxic relationships that were no longer serving me. I overcame tragedy and trauma while still being able to find happiness in my life. (Living a “both/and” life..) I learned to balance self-care, to be ok with not being ok, to feel my feelings and go through them and no longer stuff them, and, most importantly, to EXPRESS them. I was also a people pleaser and learned to say NO when it does not serve me, because if I kept saying yes, I would crash and burn. (It was an ugly never-ending cycle.) 

I now live my life for me and honor myself and my needs. In turn, this has allowed me to have the energy to live a soulful life while having healthy connections. Because I now know my worth, I’m able to set strong, clear boundaries. Debbie taught me to celebrate ME with the littlest things, which then turned to creating bigger celebrations. 

Debbie taught me skills and shared tools for Energy Management and how to prioritize it all. She helped me to see that the "PROCESS is the GOAL", meaning this journey is a process that takes time and you have to do the work to get through to the other side. But man oh man, it is soooo worth it!!! Going through this process of deep healing and growth has had an ongoing ripple effect with everyone around me: family, friends and even strangers. 

Debbie has held a safe place for me to open up FULLY, to shed those layers that I was holding onto for way too long. The ones I thought I needed to protect and keep me strong (some I didn't even know existed) while in actuality, they were weighing me down and stunting my growth. 

I am now able to use my VOICE, something I struggled with & stuffed deep down inside, while living in the shadows, thinking I wasn't good enough & no one wanted to hear what I had to say. (Which was conditioned from when I was a little girl.) The  skills and tools she shared with me helped me to do the deep inner work & breakthrough those limiting beliefs & for me to finally know and trust that I AM ENOUGH AND MY VOICE MATTERS. 

I Thank You Debbie and Soul Shed Wellness for all you are and all you do. Keep shining your light, so others like me can shine bright and live a life of AUTHENTICITY. My heart and soul is filled with so much gratitude. This journey has been forever life changing. 

I once was a caterpillar, and thanks to Debbie and her Soul Garden yearly coaching program, love and support, 


                                                                                                                                            XO Jeanmarie DeChiaro  

IMG_1209 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

JINEEN CRONIN, North Carolina,

Debbie Young is the safe and judgement free coach I had been waiting for! 

Before I started my Soul Shed Wellness journey 6 months ago, I was challenged with “follow through” in various areas of my life. I also struggled with setting boundaries and asking for my needs to be met, both personally and professionally. This left me feeling confused, frustrated, and exhausted.

As a result of lovingly showing up for myself to the coaching, gentle yoga and meditation sessions of Debbie’s Soul Garden Program and using the transformative energy management tools that I now have at my fingertips, I am changing old, limiting beliefs, habits and behaviors. I am no longer wrestling with myself or my ego when faced with challenges or opportunities for growth.

Instead, I am building consistent follow through with my commitments to self-care, painting and writing. Not only I am asking for my needs to be met, but I am also setting clear boundaries and asking others to honor them.

I really enjoy Debbie’s heartfelt expertise and her objective and compassionate support. Because she makes me feel seen and heard, I’m able to give myself permission to take the next steps - big or small - towards creating the positive lifestyle my soul longs for. As an artist and a highly sensitive person, this is of immense value to me.  

This body, mind, spirit approach that Debbie offers at Soul Shed is a deeply transformative experience for me, touching all aspects of my life! I am inspired by the positive shifts that are happening and I’m looking forward to seeing what transformation the next 6 months brings!


A.L. Land O' Lakes, Florida, USA

COMING SOON! 6/30/22

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